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Impact Robotics

300 Centre Road

Bentleigh, VIC 3204



Phone: +61 3 95577993




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  • MiR Mobile Robot
    MiR100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for the automation of internal transport
  • Baxter Collaborative Robot
    Imagine what’s possible with our Smart, Collaborative Robot
  • E-Vigilante Surveillance Robot
    A robot designed for indoor surveillance of warehouses and industrial sites
  • Sawyer Collaborative Robot
    A new era of manufacturing has begun
Baxter Robot
Sawyer Robot
MiR100 Mobile Robot



Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Productivity.


The Team at Impact Robotics will work with you to identify areas within your business where the introduction of our robots can improve productivity, profitability and safety.


Taking what we learn from this process, we can develop complete solutions from concept to design and then onto full implementation, integration and support.


Contact us to discuss how we can impact and improve your business processes.


Machine tending can be among the most unpleasant jobs in any plant, but our robots are right at home in this role.  Their ability to integrate with other automation make them a great solution for coordinating with the varied cycle times involved with a multi-machine operation.  Baxter is on the job tending press brakes, loading/unloading machines, supporting finishing operations, and performing other tasks requiring machine interaction today.  And Sawyer is specifically designed for high performance, high precision machine tending tasks



Our smart, collaborative robots are well suited for a wide range of packaging applications.  From the repetitive demands of case packing and kitting lines, to the high variability requirements of 3PL providers, Baxter and Sawyer are the complete package for a wide range of applications and industries.  Today, our robots are on the job packing raw materials, finished parts and multi-pack cases for many different types of products, containers and configurations.



Whether it’s packing varied components into specific configurations, fulfilling orders, or prepping packages for display or shipping, Our robots are kitting wizards.  Today, they are on the job in manufacturing facilities across the world, integrating with barcode scanners to pack kits to order, sitting on assembly lines to grab components and place them into shipping containers or in-store displays, and more.



Material handling is a broadly defined job, and is perfect for broadly suited solutions like our robots.  Their versatility shines through – from configurable end effectors to handle a wide range of part shapes and sizes, to their 7 degree of freedom arms for orienting and positioning parts in a variety of ways.  Our smart, collaborative robots are on the job today moving raw materials, parts and finished assemblies down the line, and their ability to hold parts in place is ideal for supporting visual inspections, barcode scans and more.